ShapesXR Review for the Oculus Quest






  • Quickly and easily design VR prototypes without coding
  • Easily share designs and collaborate with others


  • Will only be of interest to VR designers

ShapesXR is a toolset for designing VR prototypes and collaborating in real time with other members of your team.

ShapesXR is a tool for AR/VR designers to create visual prototypes of their designs using their Oculus Quest headset.

The interface is intuitive and offers a large toolbox that enables designers to create mock-ups of virtual reality spaces that can be used in the development of apps and games. As such, this app will only be of interest to people that design and develop VR experiences or wish to move into this field of work.

As well as having a variety of design tools, ShapesXR offers collaborative tools so that designs can be viewed and discussed in real-time with other team members. There are also options to save designs to the ShapeXR website, where they can be accessed by others via computer/laptop using a 3D viewer. All objects can also be exported.

Rather than being a full-blown design tool, ShapesXR is primarily used to create quick prototypes that are used to help visualize ideas in the planning stage before full-blown development begins As such, models are low resolution, without texture or detail.


I don’t do any development these days but from having a play around with ShapesXR, it appears to be a pretty robust tool with lots of design options. Other designers that I have spoken to seem to be excited about using it. On top of that, it is free so offers excellent value for money.

However, this is a tool that has a very niche market and won’t be of any interest to the regular VR enthusiast.

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