Are Oculus Quest 2 Graphics Good?

When asked if the graphics on the Oculus Quest are good, my usual reply is that they are ‘good enough’.

You’re not going to get high definition, true-to-life graphics on the Quest 2 because it doesn’t have enough processing power. The console is basically a glorified mobile phone and uses a flavour of the Android Operating System (that is used on Samsung and Google phones as well as others). This compromise is what keeps the costs of the console down and means that regular folk like you and I can afford it.

That said, the graphics aren’t poor quality either. They’re more than sufficient for the gameplay and actually quite beautiful at times.

I’ve never been one to judge a game on the quality of its graphics – Nintendo continues to make amazing games without the graphical processing power of their Sony or Microsoft counterparts.

However, I do appreciate that graphics are a major purchasing decision for some people. And to them, I recommend connecting their headset to a high-powered PC and playing games from Steam VR.

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