Are Oculus Quest 2 Games Expensive?

When I’m asked if I think Oculus Quest 2 games are expensive, I often reply that it depends.

You see, it’s all relative – twenty quid for a game can be very expensive to someone without a lot of money but be a throwaway amount for someone in a higher income bracket.

I think a better question would be ‘do Oculus Quest games provide value for money?‘ and my reply would be to the affirmative.

I’ve had many happy hours playing both single-player and multiplayer games on my Oculus/Meta Quest. I think the cost of games is comparable, if not better than other types of entertainment including movies, console/PC gaming and days out.

Of course, there is a disparity in the quality of games that are available – this is one of the reasons that I created this ratings website, so that gamers can make informed choices about which games they buy.

There are also different price ranges for games – currently, the most expensive games are priced at £29.99. They are:

I would argue that all these games are worth the £30 I spent on them.

At the time of writing all other games are less than £23 and there are also a fair few free Oculus Quest games available, too (Gun Raiders being my absolute favourite).

For me, Oculus Quest 2 games are not expensive but I would recommend taking some time to choose games that you think you will like and that have been recommended by others. If you can get them in a sale, then all the better. And if you find that you do not like a game then you can always request a refund, providing that you have played it for less than 2 hours and don’t make a habit of getting refunds.

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