Are Oculus Quest 2 Controllers Rechargeable?

The primary reason why many people ask ‘Are Oculus Quest 2 controllers rechargeable?’ is that there appears to be no obvious way to change the batteries.

In addition, the headset uses a lithium battery that is recharged by a mains lead but there is no USB socket on the controllers.

The Oculus/Meta Quest 2 controllers actually take a single AA battery each, so by default they are not rechargeable

However, I would highly recommend purchasing a handful of rechargeable AA batteries and a charger because the controllers suck juice out bog-standard batteries like there’s no tomorrow – I think I only got about 6 hours of gameplay from the last alkaline batteries I used.

Getting rechargeable batteries for your controllers will pay for itself very quickly, particularly if you spend a lot of time on your Oculus Quest.

So, how exactly do you change the batteries on an Oculus quest controller?

Well, it’s not obvious, so don’t feel bad for not knowing. On the inside grip of the controller, there is a panel that slides downwards – Meta sometimes put an arrow sticker on the panel that can be removed. You will need to apply some pressure to the panel as you slide it to remove it.

Then, simply prise the old battery out and put the new one in before replacing the panel.

If you are still having issues and you think a video or some pictures might help, let me know in the comments and I’ll get them added to this page.

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