Are Oculus Quest 2 Controllers Durable?

The question of durability in Oculus/Meta Quest 2 Controllers can be quite subjective.

Perhaps the best answer is that as long you take good care of your Oculus Quest 2 Controllers, they won’t break.

They are made from hard plastic and will withstand the odd drop onto the floor, smash into the furniture and even the odd throw against a wall. But they are not indestructible and too many bumps or knocks or a particular violent smash will stop them from working.

We’ve all hit something (or someone) with the controllers whilst in our world of VR and so the Oculus Touch controllers are fairly durable, but if I were to take a hammer to them, they would be destroyed in seconds.

As for general wear and tear, I have had my Quest Controllers for over 18 months and they still work as well today as the day I first got them.

To ensure that you get the best lifespan out of your Oculus controllers, please consider the guidance below:

  1. Always wear the wrist straps and ensure they are secure – this ensures that they on’t accidentally fly out of your hands or slip onto the floor)
  2. Wash your hands before playing (to stop grease and grime making the grips slippy)
  3. Don’t let anyone with anger issues (or young children) play on your Oculus Quest

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